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Window Tint

Tinting your vehicle not only provides privacy but is an excellent way to block out harmful UV rays and gives excellent heat reduction. The UV protection can help reduce layer and protect your dashboard from longterm damage from sun exposure. Besides the various benefits, a tint can be a fantastic edition and great look to your vehicle. Call us or Book an Appointment today! 


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Darkness Levels

We stock a variety of darkness levels depending on preference. We have film from 5% darkness all the way to 70%. Percentage levels depend on preference, privacy levels as well as California legal limits. We have samples of each percentage located in our showroom so our customers can better visualize what it may look like on the car 

Ceramic Window Tint

In addition to standard carbon window tint, we also carry nano-ceramic tint. Ceramic tint is made from non-conductive nano ceramic materials that blocks glare as well as offer UV protection.Our high end Ceramic Tint boasts a 90% infrared rejection while blocking 99% of UV rays with up to 79.8% heat rejection to keep your cabin cooler and 100% clarity in light and dark shades.

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